Magic Unicorns

unicorn by dolphy

unicorn by dolphy

Safe in the magic of my woods,

I lay, and watched the dying light.

faint in the place high solitudes,

and washed with rain and veiled by night,


extracted from “The Voice”

by Robert Brooke (1887-1915) 


Married to a Knife

Knife by Bloody Chan (

Knife by Bloody Chan (

I have arrived somewhere, spinning in labyrinth.
It was a long journey,
without a map
and the darkness is perfect.
I followed a lane between a river and a chasm.
There was a scream
it sounded like a song
perhaps it come from my mouth.
There was a moan
something like song
perhaps it some from my mouth.
But I have landed in a place of perfect alienation;
your body is covered with maggots
which I ignore
Until I find complete sexual satisfaction.
Then I finish you too
I stab you in the heart and
tear off your prick
in my pain.

Dorothea Rosa Herliany

 taken from “Secrets Need Words: Indonesian Poetry, 1965-1998”

 translated by Harry Aveling

India, The Spiritual Journey (Part 3-end)


camels walk freely on the street of Agra

Day Five, Darjeeling

We had a great two days in Agra, despite the cold weather and swarms of scammers here and there. There was this cute little garden in walking distance from Taj Mahal which has mini hills like the one that Teletubbies have, and beautiful flowers and also peacocks. The garden also has wooden tower, where you can enjoy the view of the Taj Mahal. Outside the garden, you also can found a small bazaar that sells anything and sometimes, if you lucky enough, you can bump into Rajashtan Street Dancer. And Fortuna was in our favor, we met the dancers in their white tunics and colorful turbans.

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India, The Spiritual Journey (part 2)


Taj Mahal

Day Three, Agra

Agra was our next destination, of course to see the famous Taj Mahal, the monument of love. We chose morning train from New Delhi. The journey took three hours and we met Japanese couple, a Nigerian businessman and an Indian lawyer who want to go to his hometown in Kerala. The view en route is quite depressing actually, we saw piles of garbage laying, throng around the houses. Ironically it also became some kind of playground for children as well as feeding ground for cattle. However, the landscape was truly amazing. In the vast field of paddy or vegetables, you can see an ancient structure or ruins here and there, some were like part of a fortress and some have the construction of guard tower. Sadly they were abandoned, there was no sign whatsoever. Few even transformed into cattle shelter during grazing.

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India, The Spiritual Journey (part 1)


The ruins of Qutub Complex, once the victory memento of Islamic Sultans of India

Day One, New Delhi

It was an impulsive travel plan. Began with the promotion of cheap return ticket package from Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur-New Delhi-Calcutta-Kuala Lumpur-Jakarta. Me and my friend, Herita, finally gave up to the offer and paid less than 200USD for the tickets. Cheap indeed. And so, we flew to India. It was our first journey together, and also our first going outside of the country only for holiday. No tasks, no deadlines. Just us, two girls, having fun and adventure abroad.

The plane landed at 9 pm at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. Beyond our knowledge, the weather was freezing cold, while we were so confident with only our t-shirt and light jacket. It was February and the temperature in New Delhi was around 10oC. Compared to the warm climate of Jakarta, 10oC was literally made us frozen. Quivering along the way, we managed to hop on to a bus heading downtown. It was raining a bit and the big metropolitan city of India seems quiet. The non-english-speaking bus driver dropped us off in the backpacker area, Paharganj. It was nearly midnight and the dark surrounding, with no people around, was not helping. It was like we were plunged into a horror movie with vampires and werewolf lurking in the shadows. Bracing ourself and collecting our spirit of adventure, we started walking the dark lane, toward the lights we saw ahead. Lucky to us, the bright shine of Vivex Hotel, the one that we booked, suddenly appeared in not-too-far distance. We squeal in delight and literally run toward the hostel. Bed, finally.

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Jelajah Waktu Stockholm (Part 2)

Grona Lund Tivoli Amusement Park

24 Jam di Stockhlom

Matahari yang terus bersinar hingga tengah malam membuat Stockholm terus hidup dan menjadi kota yang penuh aktivitas selama 24 jam.

opening menu: bread and butter

07.00 – 10.00. Kuliner Pagi. Saat sarapan adalah saat yang paling baik untuk mengamati sebuah kota, begitu juga dengan Stockholm. Seperti kota-kota Eropa lain, sarapan ala Stockholm didominasi beragam pilihan roti, keju, serta daging. Pilihan lainnya adalah cereal, yoghurt, atau biskuit berukuran ekstra besar yang biasa dinikmati bersama kopi dan jus.  Warga Stockholm selalu menikmati makanan mereka, karena itu mereka memiliki waktu sarapan yang panjang, terutama di musim panas.

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